Trivia: This company was a joint venture between The Kushner-Locke company and Atlantic Entertainment Group. This logo is an adaptation of the Kushner-Locke logo of the era.

Logo: Same as the Kushner-Locke logo, but instead of "KUSHNER-LOCKE COMPANY", it said "ATLANTIC KUSHNER-LOCKE".

FX/SFX: The light dying down.


  • A crash, followed by a rising synth piano sounder.
  • Other version has a crash, then a childish theme.
  • On Teen Wolf, we hear the same sound as the Clubhouse Television logo.

Availability: Rare. It could be seen on old VHS prints of The Spiral Zone, and Teen Wolf.

Scare Factor: Well, for the music, it would be low to medium, depending on how well you can handle it. None for the ending theme.