Nickname: "The Paranormal Activity Logo" Logo: We start the logo by a wooden floor.Then we rise up and see a chair floating along with a door open to reveal a green light. As the camera turns, the door slams shut, we see a floating book, then a little girl bearing a striking resemblance to the girl from The Grudge. Then we turn to the ceiling when it starts to crack.The crack stops by thelightbulb that's hanging from the ceiling. Along with that, the words "BLUMHOUSE PRODUCTIONS" fade in a green tint on the wall. Also, the H is in a house. 

Trivia: The logo was made by Becker Design. Also, this makes references to The Grudge and Paranormal Activity

Variants: On Sinister, "BLUMHOUSE" has been replaced with BH. Also, BH is all in the house. A special version was created for The Babymakers. The logo is on a black background, all of it was in silver tint, no animation and no music at all.

FX/SFX: The weird stuff happening, cool animation.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic theme with a woman talking in a creepy tone. After that the music ends.

Availability: Current. Seen on SinisterDark Skies' and The Purge. Strangely, this logo does not appear on all four Paranormal Activity films, since there is no logo seen at the beginning.  Scare Factor: Low to medium. All the scary things happening can easily startle anyone, however its a cool logo, even for Paranormal Activity fans.  Italic