1st Logo

(June 15, 2009)

WARNING: The video is a little loud, so lower down the vol before watching.

Logo: we start off of a black background, we see a brown and black sticks to goes to circle, the cliping will be made a circle (Repersenting an iris of a human eye) the brown earth zooms out show a text:


on Time New RoMan font and movie.


  • A Eyes pops up from the earth, wich mouth can be small
  • The grayscale the same as a brown logo, but it end with another


Music/Sounds: a fanfare, in a lot of shows, the ending theme

Availability: Common. Seen on Stella Girl, Little Nick Ashby

Scare Factor: Depending on the logos variant:

  • Sepia and brown Variant: Medium, a fanfare will be unsettling, the brown earth will be cause nightmares. a thing you guest from scary logo
  • IAW's Variant: High to nightmare, the earth had popping eyes and small mouth will be unsetting, it was elevated scared of Curious Pictures's "Red Read" and Vadimon's "Eyes Openinng". the logo will scare you & catch you off guard, it can it funny and annoying, the display of ending credits
  • B&W Variant: Medium to nightmare. the dark color scheme, scary logo, creepy music V Of Doom, the earth gray will be scare a few people
  • Dumb to Suck Episode 12 Variant: High to nightmare. the speeding up of earth will be unsetting. the mouth and nose without eyes will catch a few of guard and scare a few?
  • Filmed Variant: low to nightmare, due to a earth zooming out, and music. the music will scare a few people out.
  • Silent Variant: It can range from medium to high. the music silent will catch a few off guard, finally like a Center of the Earth 1st Logo
  • Uilta Variant: Nightmare. the very dark color scheme will haunt a few people and scare, it can find it neture and scariest 
  • the Iris Variant: Nightmare, the sticks will be scaring you for looking up the fined of it, the zooming earth will catch you off guard.

2nd Logo

(Oct 9. 2010)

Logo: on a black background, we zoom into a earth, and zoomed out to see a text:

The Center of the earth presents

Variants: the somelogos will be using videos:

  • Video 1: A Cow looks at the snake
  • Video 2: Girl hugs boy (to squeeze)
  • Video 3: the boy is eating a ice cream


Music/Sounds: A women whisper a company name, but the fanfare

Availability: Seen on a Center Earth in a hole wide world of VHS DVD Legal Contacts.

Scare Factor: None