Nicknames: "The Eyes", "Italy is Watching You", "Black Super Scary Face" , "Italy's Super Scary Face" , "Eyes of Doom", "The Werecat", "Vadi-Mon's Little Brother", "In non-Soviet Italy..." 

Logo: We see an extreme close-up of a black-toned face, along with the white text? "FABRICA" below its closed eyes. Suddenly, it opens its eyes (blue-green on the left, very dark brown on the right), revealing almost cat-like pupils. In fact, the pupils are covered by a black bar in the middle of a blue screen (all that supposed to be a window), reflected on the eyes, mostly clearly seen on the left eye. The face show us its eyes for a few seconds, until it closes it's eyes again.

Variant: In the opening of Aral, Fishing in an Invisible Sea and Deragliamenti, the logo cuts to black after the face opens his eyes. After the ending of the closing credits, the logo begins with the face with the open eyes, being closed. In addition, the logo is brighter. The face is diffrent

FX/SFX: The eyes opening and shutting.

Music/Sounds: None, which adds to the scare factor. On the film Guo Nian Hui Jia, a snare-like instrument is heard.  

Availability: First seen on the Chinese film Guo Nian Hui Jia (Seventeen Years). Also seen on the 2001 Bosnian film No Man's Land', 'Secret BallotFararishtay kifti rostAdanggaman,and Deragliamenti.

Scare Factor: Depends on the variant:

  • Original Version: Nightmare. It has scared many people due to the scary face, the dark environment, the silence, and the sudden eyes opening. The scare factor is even higher for those who are afraid of the dark, but it may be reduced for those who are used to and expected it. This is one of the scariest logos of all time, along with VID's "Mask of Doom", Viacom's "V of Doom", and Screen Gems Television's "S from Hell".
  • Aral, Fishing in an Invisible Sea and Deragliamenti variant: High to nightmare, because the logo is brighter, so the eyes pupils can be seen better behind that black bars. However, the eyes are still scary, in addition of the silence.
  • Guo Nian Hui Jia Variant: Medium to nightmare. The logo (including the creepy face's eyes) is still scary, but the music sounds comfy.