Logo Creaters: annoying orange
Gagfilms Logo

Gagfilms Logo

Nicknames: The explodeing Logo, Kaboom's Brother

Logo: on a white background, a "=GAGFILMS " zooms in fast, and the hand holds a "fire thing" to put a "fire" on a "I" (the candle is replaced from the "I").The logoexplode. the "GAG" is yellow, and the "FILMS" is in red

FX/SFX: CGL Animation


  • On a white background with sunlight, we see a Orange holding a cups (how is it had green beans)

Music/Sounds: a "Whoosh!" sound effects, and the "stick" is heard and the "exploding sound" is heard

Availability: Seen on a Annoying Orange

Scare Factor: None to low, it depends what you thinking about that logo, it can range from medium to low, Due to a exploding and the hand. the candle will get to some people, and the hand will includes nightmares, The "exploeding" like Kaboom Logo.

Note: the Logo will be appeared on Annoying Orange Shows, and the Annoying Orange will be easy.