Logo descriptions by V of Doom 9000, TheMikCow, and CowDuck


Logo: on a black background, the text"GoODY" in Impact. the "o" and "Y" was floating like Klasky Csupo flying blocks.


  • There is a still version of the video games, we see a BBC, Aardman, and Cartoon Network was on a Buttom under the logo (as the white background version).
  • Same as before, but the background is black with ending with the Heru Show.
  • The "o" was screaming at the viewers, and the Adult Next Door

​FX/SFX: CGL Animation

Music/Sounds: None


  • As the Heru Show uses the ending for real after Curious Pictures
  • On Adult Next Door, we hear a screaming

​Availability: Comment. Seen on a Heru Show, Adult Next Door, and Sepia and Brown

Scare Factor:

  • Medium to nightmare. the screaming o noise can be scare some, not something with a faces can scare too, and childern will find nightmare of this, it can find it funny and annoying, it elevated who where scared of Curious Pictures SSF and Fox Reality Original Lips
  • High to low, due to a logo. the o and y flying like Klasky Csupo blocks 2nd logo