Logo Creaters: Jayden Hakions

Nicknames: The Greenytoons, the logo is cool

Logo: See Variant.


  • Logo 1: On a Black Background, We see a Camera is unfolding to the "GREENYTOONS" logo and the logo goes up.
  • Logo 2: On a Black Background, we see a "GREENYTOONS" Logo that zooms in like Viacom V Of Doom and goes up .

FX/SFX: Used by Sony Vegas.

Music/Sounds: None, the ending theme of the show.

Availability: Seen On Little Kate Ashby and Kate Ashby, after Curious Pictures's SSF Robot

Scare Factor:

  • Flip Variant: None to low, the greenytoons will startle a view
  • V Of Doom Variant: Medium to low. the Greenytoons zooming up closer to the viewers will be unsetting

2nd Logo