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Background: Ha! TV Comedy Network was an early attempt at an all-comedy basic cable channel. It was created by Viacom and was launched on April 1, 1990 only to merge with it's former Warner competitor, The Comedy Channel on April 1, 1991, ultimately forming "Comedy Central".

(April 1, 1990-April 1, 1991)

Logo: Up against a white background, we see a box colored yellow, blue, or green and a humorous activity (usually a prank) taking place inside it (sometimes an arm is seen below it) animated with 2-D animation. Below the box, text in yellow inside a black rectangle says the name of the prank. When the activity is finished, we see a close-up of the side of someone's face in the cartoon, with the 3-D text "HA!" slightly skewed up in white, yellow, or red and sometimes effected by whatever happened in the activity, and the name of activity below the box changes to the text "TV COMEDY NETWORK" with a trademark symbol next to it.

Variants:*Whoopee Cushion: A hand puts a whoopee cushion on a chair. A man sits on it, and gets nervous as the "HA!" logo appears in blue.

  • Red-Hot Chewing Gum: A man gives a another man some gum. Then, he starts to breath fire as the "HA!" logo appears in yellow.
  • Funny Clown Nose: A man plays with a clown nose, and gets surprised when his nose is seen as the "HA!" logo appears in yellow.

FX/SFX: Simple 2-D animation produced by Noel Frankel and Lou Brooks.

Music/Sounds: A '40s like trumpet tune, and the sounds of whatever is going on in the logo. Sometimes the trumpet music is omitted.

Availability: Extinct. Only seen on programs from the era such as Afterdrive.

Scare Factor: Low to high, it depends on the activity in the cartoon.