Logo Creaters: Jakon Hackins

Background: The Huffman and Huffman is a VA or Suffolk and shows in TV and Computer


WARNING: The voiceover is very loud, we recommed you to turn down and mute the audio before watching.

Nicknames: The voiceover, Voiceover of doom, Let us Invofed Huffman and Huffman! Curious Pictures's Leavin Cousin, A Singer twice women , sungle nightmare 

Logo: on a blue background, we see a words:




Virginia* Norfolk* Newport News

      643.7770 422.4357

wipes quicky and shines.


  • The Logo got faded in from the video
  • On a navy blue background, the "Virginia* Norfolk* Newport News* 643.7770 422.4357 " is not on a bottom
  • On a Black background, the logo is still (like in a 2nd Logo or navy blue)

FX/SFX: CGL Animation.

Cheesy Factor: on a Drunk Driver, the background black.

Music/Sounds: A women singing a song, and she said a company name, and on a black background, we hear a man talking and say "cool huffman and huffman! let are family help your family" INSTEAD OF women singing.

Availability: Common.

Scare Factor:

  • Original Version: it can range everywhere and anywhere from medium to nightmare. the women singing and voices are sounded creepy, and it scared people
  • Black Background Version: None to low, the man talking and saying will be cool and sit well with people.
  • Short Version: High to nightmare. the women singing sounded creepy and unsetting, it must be scare people. finaly, the women says a company , Like Curious Pictures Robot Logo

2nd (Oct. 2, 2002, Jun 4, 2009)


WARNING: The 2nd Voiceover is loud, turn down the volume and turn off the sound before watching.

Nicknames: Voiceover of doom II, Sungle nightmare II, The "SSV", Curious Pictures's Leavin Cousin II, the shiny logo from hell

Logo: on underwater gray background, We see a "HUFFMAN & HUFFMAN" and the "Southside","422-4357" and "Peninsula" and "596-4357"  is right and left, and the "Brothers in law" is in same font as 1st logo. the logo shines

Fx/SFX: Shining logo

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1st logo

Availability: Common

Scare Factor: Low to nightmare. The creepy singing women will catch you off guard, and it must been scary and scare some people.

3rd Logo (Jan 6, 2998)


WARNING: The 3rd Voiceover is so very loud, turn off sound before watching

Nicknames: Voiceover of doom III, Curious Pictures's Leavin Cousin III, & from hell, Screen Gems's Brother, sungle nightmare III.

Logo: on a orange background, we see the "&" zooms out and form and goes to right side of the screen. The "B R O T H E R S I N L A W, PC" is in same font, we see a "422-HELP*422-4357" is time roman font. the logo shines.


Music/Sounds: Same as the 1st Logo, the end, there is none

Availability: Extinct

Scare Factor: Medium on boring to nightmare, as 1st logo has the women singing will be unsetting, and the singing is very useless