Logo description by Logophile


Logo: The logo begins with a close up of a house on the roof, looking through the window. Inside is a loft with a man (appears to be claymation) sitting on a chair, laugh and slapping his leg. The camera zooms out quickly to show the front right, revealing what appears to be a lakehouse, gray with a red roof. It is nightime with a moon and stars. The house is surrounded by trees and the lake on the left. A blue car is parked on the left. The words 


fade in on the upper left. "Hugh Wilson" (in a cursive font with lights) shines itself in, with "A" and "PRODUCTION" (in a plain font) fading in a little later. "Hugh Wilson" shines throughout.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: The claymation man at the beginning looks a little creepy with his animation. Aside from that, the house is just a model.

Music/Sounds: The man's deep laughter and slapping his knee, followed by chirping crickets.

Availability: Extinct, only appeared on The Famous Teddy Z, a sitcom starring Jon Cryer and Frank's Place, a sitcom starring Tim Reid. Could possibly be found on old tape recordings.

Scare Factor: Low, the man's laughter along with the creepy claymation along with the darkness may unsettle some people. And the fact the 1986 Viacom logo on Frank's Place and the 1989 Columbia Pictures Television logo on The Famous Teddy Z that comes after may not help either.