Logo descriptions by CameraLizard, Bigrana2, and Duckhumam
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Logo: On a vignetted white background, we see a fox that looks at the company name. we see a "PLANET INC." in Dumhy font on a right.


  • Sometimes on The Movie of The Texas of a Inside of the Cowboy, the fox wears a purple hat on and the yellow sticks.

​FX/SFX: None

Music/Sounds: None, which adds to a scare factor, the opening theme of movie.

Availability: Very common. Can been seen on Movie of The Texas of a Inside of the Cowboy. Also, the logo appears on Kate Cats for Greenytoons and CBS. This logo was not seen whatever song is Bébé Lilly for france, because it must be a most of the series which is opposed to series

Scare Factor: None