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Simmers Animation-1491690185

Simmers Animation-1491690185

Logo: on a white background, a blue cube drops in the middle of the screen (causing a hexagon shape to flash briefly) and begins rolling around, forming a blocky blue "G" out of squares. When the cube finishes rolling, it spins around rapidly and lands in the center of the "G" ,  causing it to shake a bit as the hexagon shape flashes again, and  the cube's trail of squares solidfies into a solid line with large cube in the center, and the  words "SIMMERS ANIMATION", in black, drop out from under it.

FX/SFX: Same as the Gamecube

Music/Sounds: Gamecube vocoded disney

Availability: Can be seen on Draw My Life, Cure Vist, and Simmers And DimenSON

Scare Factor: None