Sony Pictures Television was established as Screen Gems Television in 1948.

Screen Gems Television

1st Logo (1951-1974) Nicknames: In-Credit Variants

Columbia Pictures Television

1st Logo (1974-2002) Nicknames: In-Credits (In-Credit Logos)

TriStar Television

1st Logo (1987-1992)

2nd Logo (1992-1999)

Columbia TriStar Television

(1993-2003) Nicknames: The Torch Lady and The Pegasus


  • In 1993-2002, "International" was over "Television".
  • In the 1999-2002 episodes of Dragon Tales, the in-credit version (without a torch lady/Pegasus) appears on the nighttime at Dragon Land background and the text logo is white.

Sony Pictures Television

(2002-Present) Nicknames: Bars

Variants: In the 2002-2005 episode of Dragon Tales, the 1999-2002 in-credit variant of the Columbia TriStar Television logo was modified to read "Sony Pictures Television" (without the Bars).