(August 31, 2004-present)

Nickname: “Spiffy!”

Logo: On a tangerine background, on oblong with a stylized animal (which looks like a dog) wearing an artist's cap inside a circle with "SPIFFY at top and "P I C T U R E S" at bottom bounces to the the middle of the screen. The animal zooms up to the screen, says "Spiffy!", zooms back out and then winks.


  • On Bunnytown, the oblong jumping to the screen is cut.
  • In 2015, where it was shown on Nature Cat, the logo was redone. The font of the text on the logo is different (to match the website logo), the animal doesn't say "Spiffy!" and just winks.
  • On newer version, the animal is different and doesn't zoom up to the screen and looks down at the viewers instead. At the end, the animal open it's mouth and smiles.

FX/SFX: The oblong jumping to the screen, the animal.

Music/Sounds: A 2-note accordion jingle followed by the animal's dialogue and a “Ding-dong!” sound effect.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the Jack's Big Music Show episode "Spunky the Alien", the animal says "Swinky!"
  • On Jack's Big Music Show episode "Silly Show", the animal sounds like a chicken. It sounds like he's saying "Spunken?!"
  • On the 2015 variant, the closing theme of the TV show is heard.

Availability: Currently seen on Jack's Big Music Show, Bunnytown and Curious Buddies. The 2015 variant was seen on Nature Cat.

Editor's Note: TBA.