Logo read By:Logos of your win 1st Logo (2002-2010) Nicknames:The Blues stamp Logo:Against a grey stone BG we see a blue birds a frame orange BG are cream and blue lie blues jake makes whisper framer words front Welcome Home Lisa G. And Productions has shown below. FX:none Music:A five note drums echoed guitar string Tone. Availability:Seen on Dish Nation and ExtraTv from the printed. Scare Factor:none 2nd (2010-) Nicknames:Welcome Home Lisa G extra in gas station Logo:we see a car is red on blue BG we see,cartoon Pictish photo a extra Mario Lopez in gas station we camera zooms in the video was stopped. FX:sense car we left extra road car Lisa G Zooms Stops animations on Music:same music before says welcome home Lisa G car beeping the video animated. Availability:Avery seen on extra tv Scare Factor:None.